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Flight of Fancy, 2018

76cm (W) x 56cm (H)
Hand Painted Collage

Kathy Fahey
Birds and flowers
‘Flight of Fancy’ is a hand painted collage depicting elements of the landscape at any one unique moment of time.

This collage is part of a large series of pieces that Kathy has made to depict the fragility of the natural world. A bird lands and in an instant, takes off again. Sunlight falls on flowers lighting them up and then, in a heartbeat, disappears behind a cloud. A flower blooms and a moment later the petals are swept away by a sudden gust of wind. Nothing stays the same.  These fleeting glimpses of time and place are made more precious and special because of their transitory nature. 'Flight of Fancy' is part of St Vincent's Hospital Art Collection.

Australian Artist