Flight of Fancy

Motherhood - Hope of the World

13 May 2019 – 18 May 2019
Motherhood - Hope of the World was an exhibition of the works of over 100 women artists in Moscow in May 2019.

Motherhood - Hope for the World

Kathy Fahey was one of over 100 artists who exhibited their work in the exhibition Motherhood - Hope for the World held in Moscow in May 2019.  The exhibition was sponsored by the International Artists' Federation.  Women from over 18 countries travelled to Russia to be part of this event.

Kathy Fahey's piece Flight of Fancy is a joyous rendition of some of the flora and fauna of the Australian
Landscape. The hand painted collage celebrates the beauty of the natural environment of this vast 
island continent, and serves as a reminder that this beauty is both precious and fragile. Prior to Australia’s ‘discovery’ by Europeans the continent had one of the most diverse collections of plants and animals in the world. Alarmingly since European colonization many of these unique Australian species of vegetation and wildlife have become extinct or endangered. The Indigenous Peoples, who inhabited the continent for countless generations before white settlement, successfully managed the fragility of the environment and understood that what the Motherland provides is sacred and transient and needs be nurtured and protected. We modern Australians would do well to follow their example.

Flight of Fancy
Flight of Fancy, 2018
76cm (W) x 56cm (H)
Hand Painted Collage
Kremlin 2 IMG_0850
Kremlin 2
St Basils MoscowIMG_0740
St Basils Moscow

Australian Artist