Come Fly with Me

Poetry of Place

31 Jul 2018 – 26 Aug 2018
Poetry of Place was a Community Project Wall Exhibition sponsored by the Town Hall Gallery Hawthorn in 2018.

Poetry of Place

Poetry of Place brought together five local artists who created artworks inspired by landscape and nature.  The selected artists work across a range of different mediums, including paintings, photography, glass work and etchings. The featured artists were Stephanie Gobor, Liz Johnson, Grace Turner, Deborah Nerurker and Kathy Fahey

Kathy Fahey's  mixed media works in ‘Poetry of Place’ were depictions of landscapes or elements of the landscape such as trees, flowers and birds at any one special moment in time.  A bird lands and in an instant takes off again, sunlight falls on a tree casting a shadow and in a heartbeat disappears behind a cloud, nothing stays the same but these glimpses of place are precious nonetheless.  

Flight of Fancy
Flight of Fancy, 2018
76cm (W) x 56cm (H)
Hand Painted Collage

Australian Artist